Proops dating show

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Proops was in the cast of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack and movie.

He provided the vocal work for the Harlequin Demon, the Devil, and the Sax Player.

Both Proops and Mc Shane impressed producers Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson, who put them on their show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? He frequently instigated jokes concerning various idiosyncrasies and differences between British English and American English, and would frequently banter with Clive Anderson on these matters (among others).

He lived in London for four years when he was doing the show and lists Mc Shane, Richard Vranch Proops also appeared in every episode of the short-lived Drew Carey's Green Screen Show, where the performers would play improv games (some of which were taken from the show's main influence Whose Line Is It Anyway? Later, animators would draw on the background and other props.

He presented Bits from Last Week's Radio on BBC Radio 1 from Jan 1995-July 1996.

Proops provides voice-over work as Howard "Buckshot" Holmes, a game show announcer along with John Di Maggio for the Nintendo Wii game, Mad World.

Di Maggio and Proops play as comical announcers on a brutal game show set in the future.

In November 2011, Proops did a week on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas with the Lewis Black Comedy Cruise Tour.

He performed the entire week of stand-up with other artists, which included a live, one-hour podcast in front of his entire audience.

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