Packer backer dating website

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"This was the first time I ever paid for a dating service.I made 'N1Stl Cards Fan' my user name as a way to find people who were truly baseball fans and help break the ice."Some people in the office already give him a little grief for dating a Cardinals fan, but I think his friends are just happy he's with another baseball fan." Even though Dan works for the Dodgers, he's actually an A's and Giants fan, owing to his Bay Area roots.The couple has a visit to Oakland, California, on the agenda, as Maggie has never been to Coliseum.

He actually hooked me up with tickets to a Padres game, so I drove down to San Diego to go with my sister." Maggie says the best parts about dating a fellow baseball fan are the shared interest in the game and having a friendly rivalry to bond over. They already made the trek up north to AT&T Park, where she met his parents at a game. "One of my goals is to see the Cardinals play in every stadium," Maggie says. Here are a bunch of famous folks who’ve picked the Pack as their favorite football team.If you loved them before, you’ll love them even more.

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