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Environmental issues and natural resources depletion count as a result of human density in the nation.The latest result of population computation, it come out that the following are considered least densely populated countries in the world. In New York City there are 10,725 people sharing each square kilometer while the world's least-densely populated territory is Greenland, with a rate of 0.03 people per square kilometer.

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As we can see on data six most populated counties are in Asia lead by China as the most populated nation.Most of the island in the West Indies and the Caribbean has small population because it has small land mass.Some of this countries also has harsh weather, thus people living there tend to transfer to more secure places.To determine the human density of a given city, town, or country, we have to get the sum of inhabitants in a given square area measured in square kilometer or square miles.In the past, there are large population and normally clustered around water sources, but today human density is great in countries where migration is allowed.

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