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Importer and Jobbers In Pure Drugs Standard Chemicals, Fancy Goods, Pure Dye Stufis, Window Ulass, Qlassware, Soda Ash, Caustic Boas Japonica, Painu, Oil, c, Ac OASHHOUSE JOHN V. We are happy to announce that we are in our new quaters with a FULL LINE of GOODS in all departments, which we offering at LOWEST RATES. Our Nails are manufactured entirely from "Ren-on' Iron, and are unsurpassed by any Nail In Oh market.

Uaporteca, Mannfactarers and Oealsr la all th varieties or Marble Momimental, Xantl and Oranlls Work. oeoaiy De GOLYER & BROTHER, Manufacturer of VARNISHES AND A. There is no necessity for this lamentable eondiuon. B Ladies tend for a descriptive circular of J'es$ari4 Rtmn1e,he best prevention of conception knoan. Pimples, blotches, and tetters also di, Bg-ura the faxes of thousands. , Grocers' Sampl Case and Boxes In large variety. Oval and Square Band Boxes in nests; Shelf Boxes for Dry (Joodl and Shoe Dealers. ijaici SBO oesm a Druuaui complexion should ose the aaaaarits B's Boot aad Herb Juices. DKbal OM o VU proprietor, 91S Ka CK b T', Philadelphia, Pa. Thboat, Masta's Pulmonic Balsam Ct H3 I'. Sent free to any address In sealed envelope, CONSULTA TION FREE. Confectionary, Jewelry, and Druggist Boxes of all kind. Manufacturers of ail kinds of PTTBNITTJBEI Sqfa Frame, Eaty Chain, Brat Arm Chair, wot uaotet, Lounge . Pimples and blotches re mo Ted, tbsnroy earing many un pleasant remaru. Masta's Pulmonic Balsam Ct-nrs IIooimno Couon. It Is well known by all readers of th papers, that Dr. Bigelow is tho oldest estab lished physician in Chicago, who ha made the treatment ot of all chronic and rexaal diseases speciality. Read his Medt cat Treatise, for ladles and gentlemen.

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