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The show that launched George Clooney's career had a 20-year gestation period between the time Michael Crichton first wrote the pilot in 1974 and John Wells guided it to the top of the ratings in the mid-1990s.The standard by which all working-class sitcoms are still measured had a fitful beginning.The court ordered her to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, to pay back the £10 to Mr Mullins, as well as an £85 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.'s run, Jerry Seinfeld commented that one of the more underrated aspects of his show was the number of its locations and sets, creating a sense of indoor-outdoor movement unusual for a multi-camera sitcom.Dignum, who worked for Care Connect which is contracted by Cheshire East Council, was found guilty of theft at Stockport Magistrates Court on May 4.She visited Frank's home, which he shared with his late wife Mary, 96, who passed away earlier this month, three times a day.For example, ice loss from Greenland (which was large in 2011-12) has recently reversed itself with huge gains made in the last year.These events are governed by natural variations in weather patterns, which have always occurred.

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With their suspicions raised, Peter was astounded by what he eventually found - just two days after installing the hidden camera on January 13 this year.

Speaking after the sentencing, angry son Peter said: 'You can see her bending down, opening the drawer, and you can see her looking around and looking through the windows to see if anybody is coming.'Then you can hear the zip on the wallet, she puts the £10 in her pocket, puts the wallet back and walks away.'I'm just glad the camera worked and we had the evidence we needed.'I think she has got off lightly, but the main thing is we have exposed her as a thief and she won't be able to do it to another vulnerable person in her care.'Care Connect confirmed that disciplinary action was started but Dignum resigned soon after.

Care Connect director Thomas Green said: 'It's distressing to hear and it is something which we dealt with quickly.'We wish these things never happen, but every so often it does.'This is the first time I have come across something like this as a director of Care Connect but it is these rare incidents that destroy reputations.'All staff undergo DBS checks and references but as an employer, we always have to give people the benefit of the doubt to a degree.'We have regular spot checks but on the rare occasion, these things go unnoticed.'Dignum, from Bluebell Close in Winnington, pleaded guilty of theft at Stockport Magistrates Court on Thursday, May 4.

This results in adding curvature to the upward trend (an acceleration) by flattening out the early part of the curve. Short-term undulations in the sea level rise curve should not be used as a predictive curve for the future.

This new signature of “acceleration” was what made the news in the new study, even though the long term trend went down. They are affected by a wide variety of natural phenomena.

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