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Terry Wayne Hawthorne, Robert Woods, Douglas Granston and Donald Wilson joined me that night in escaping the FSB.

We left our dorms after dark and raced to the warehouse where we changed out of pajamas into town-trip clothes.

I learned the hard way not to tighten up when it struck me because it would split the skin and bleed freely. Their system ranked the residents as follows: new residents were rookies, then explorer, next pioneer and highest was ace.

If you lose all your rank because of infractions (real or implied), then one would be sent to the White House for a beating and your rank would be grub (0).

At the White House beatings, my buttocks were usually the target, but sometimes the long razor strap left my body bruised and bleeding in places from shoulders to calves and my legs hardly able to carry me.

I recall several leather razor straps, especially the one we referred to as “Black Beauty”.

Being a runaway was my only ‘crime’ against the state of Florida.

A judge ruled that the FSB in Marianna would be the answer on where to send me, since my parents were unsuitable.

I have spent half my life in reform schools, federal and state prisons, and city jails.

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We wanted the 1957 Chevy sedan so we could all fit inside, however, the key was not in the box.

As I searched the keys in the wooden box, I decided to take the first key that would fit a vehicle. We also took a box of hammers so we could throw them at the windshield of anyone chasing us.

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