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Penelope Gilbert says: 'Even if you ate just half a tin of beans on two slices of bread, you'd be reaching your daily salt limit.' She recommends either home-made bean stew or vegetable stir-fry on rice, with lemon and herbs replacing salt.

Butter and margarine Margarines such as Clover contain 1.75g of salt per 100g.

Unless you make your own, she recommends choosing carefully by studying the labels.

Cornflakes Amazing as it may sound, cornflakes are saltier than seawater - while Atlantic seawater contains 2.5g salt per 100g, the equivalent of cornflakes or Rice Krispies contains 2.75g salt.

Chocolate cake Chocolate cake can contain up to 0.4g salt in every slice.

'People wouldn't normally think cake contains salt but desserts can contribute significantly to your salt intake,' says Penelope Gilbert.

Digestives stand out for their high salt content - most biscuits are lower in salt. Instant Soup Dried instant soups can contain up to 2.5g salt.

'Dried soups and noodles are highsalt foods, as are tinned soups,' says Penelope Gilbert.

'Instead, use herbs, spices and lemon to add flavour.

'The average preprepared meal is fairly high in salt because it is used as a preservative and to bring out flavour,' says Penelope Gilbert.

She advises looking out for lowsalt options such as the Waitrose Perfectly Balanced Range, which contains no more than 0.3g sodium per 100g.

However, brands such as Kettle Chips contain lower salt levels than the average, and some supermarkets now sell reduced-salt crisps.

Ready meals Some ready-meals contain up to 7g of salt.

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